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Your customers aren't reading your communication or responding in an effective or efficient way. Why isn't your communication working and what is it costing you?According to experts, quite a lot.

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2023 Grammarly/Harris Poll State of Communications Report

Which one is costing you the most?Bold Ink Communications can help stop the head scratching and money bleed with consulting, coaching, diagnostics and a spectrum of solutions that help you clarify communication, boost results and communicate like a pro.Reach out if we can help.


You need someone who will listen to you and ask meaningful questions to understand current outcomes, potential obstacles, the goals you have for your communication, business operations and more. Together we will examine your current communications and create a plan that helps your organization be more effective in reaching the goals you have for your communication.Note: Coaching and consulting is an integral part of any of the other solutions you choose.If you are looking for coaching and consulting services as a stand-alone solution, head to our sister company's website below:


"It's right there in the email!"
"I've told them a thousand times!"
"I can't get them to return their form!"
"I don't have the time to write."
Ugh! Chances are you've screamed one of these at some point.We all feel like we do a good job in clearly communicating, but sometimes it just doesn't work.End the frustration.Bold Ink Communications can bring fresh perspective to content, layout and delivery. We'll edit or reformat what you've already written or create new content if it's needed.Responses go up.Operations improve.Messages land.What could that mean for your bottom line...AND your sanity?


Sometimes words aren't enough.Studies tell us we remember what we see better than what we read.Bold Ink Communications can create or supplement messaging with effective visual communication to make what you say more memorable, deliver sensitive information in a more palatable way and provide training to your staff in an engaging way that helps them grow or stay in compliance:

  • Websites

  • E-learning/Online Learning

  • Doodle Art Videos

  • Animated Videos

  • Corporate Videos (including your video footage)


What happens to your operations if key personnel are suddenly out of the office for an extended amount of time? Or someone is injured or, God forbid, fatally wounded?It happens, but the answer is "business as usual" if you have policies and procedures in place.Both are crucial to keep your business running smoothly, protect your employees, and keep them in compliance regardless of whether you have 5 or 5,000.


Your website is your first impression and Bold Ink Communications takes it seriously. Here is our three-step process.Step 1.
We'll talk you through an in-depth exercise and ask lots of questions to get to know your business on an intimate level before we ever start to design or create content.
Step 2.
Once we have the information we need, we'll then wireframe your website and get your approval on content.
Step 3.
We'll design a fabulous and functional website that represents your unique culture and flare.


It's time to end the frustration. Reach out for your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation. Complete the form below and let's get the conversation started!

Our Work

...can become your work!

Sometimes the information you share needs to be experienced rather than read. Clients understand your corporate mission, sensitive information becomes more palatable, dry or boring information becomes more entertaining and memorable, and your employees actually enjoy staying in compliance and getting that annual training done.Below are some examples of the work that's been done for some of our clients. We can customize any of these types of examples to your needs using the same techniques. Check these out and let us know if we can answer your questions.

Doodle Art Videos

Corporate Videos

Animated Videos